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Jevan "Tel'daac Rhaar" Clark - 1836 AE

1836 AE The more I follow and observe goblin patrols, the more I suspect that they know I am nearby. They haven’t come searching for me yet for some unknown reason, but I have heard them repeatedly mention “Tel’daac Rhaar” in a way that makes me think it is a name. Continue reading (100 words)...

Bromgos Thunderhand

As a young lad, Bromgos spent far more time in the clan-hold’s libraries than his parents would have liked. One night, he stumbled (quite literally) over a rock that turned out to give access to a hidden collection. Continue reading (600 words)...

Drakuun - Return to Johnsonville

Coming soon… Notes: - hired to clear Ioun worshipers out by Hobbes - tattoos - Raven Queen worshiper assassination attempt foiled, 2 cleaved - Horses, new missions (kill Ninsaab, find Pax in Markash) - Returned to Johnsonville - Hired to clear out thieves