Jevan "Tel'daac Rhaar" Clark - 1 AE

5e, character, dnd, lands-of-evaria, teldaac

1 AE

It has been a long couple of nights. I lost count of exactly how many or what day it is. Now that I have found a moment to breathe and record, I’ve dubbed today the first day AE (after exile). I doubt anyone will ever read this journal, but I am hoping it will help me focus my thoughts. If anyone does happen to find this, my name is Jevan Clark, son of Gordon, scribe of the king’s court, and Leda Clark, his wife. This journal begins in my 15th year.

I’ve been running, off and on, for days. All after a little misunderstanding. I must have gone beyond the boundaries of the kingdom into the wilds a couple days ago. I can’t recall how many. I stopped hearing pursuit, but I just kept running and hiding for a while.

All this over a little misunderstanding. That jackass Merdigan obviously didn’t deserved being choked, but he just wouldn’t leave me alone. I needed him to leave me alone! If it was just his gang of cronies that was chasing me, that I could have dealt with. But going to the guards and claiming assault? The shame the charge must be bringing to my parents? After all the other rumors? I don’t think I can ever go back.

[tally marks occur on the page, appearing to mark off time]