Jevan "Tel'daac Rhaar" Clark - 264 AE

5e, character, dnd, lands-of-evaria, teldaac

264 AE

I would have sworn I was done-for. I was trapped in that cave for nearly a week by the goblins. I had found a nice, dry place to spend the night, but I didn’t get a lot of sleep before the goblins started setting up camp outside. There must have been 20 or more of them. As quietly as I could, I crawled deeper into the cave and huddled behind a outcropping, trying to stay unnoticed. Several goblins went in and out of the cave, but they didn’t notice me, thankfully. If I believed in the gods, I would have sworn they were protecting me that night.

The goblins stayed encamped there for several days. I was so stiff and hungry when they finally left and I could come out from my hiding place. There were no goblins about, but plenty of evidence that they had been. There were bones picked clean of meat and plenty of trash. One thing definitely stood out to me, however: a book that had been left just inside the cave, partly leaning behind a small rock.

I don’t know why goblins would have had a book. I expect it was a piece of plunder that fell out of one of their packs. Examining it, it was written in the Dwarvish script that my father had taught me when I was a boy, but I did not recognize any of the words. There did seem to be some sketches here and there of goblins in various poses and motions, but I couldn’t make sense of anything near those pictures.

Given the pictures, it did seem that the book was created by goblins. If I have the opportunity, I think observing their activity could possibly help me start understanding the book.

[again, lots of tally marks appearing to mark time, interspersed with notes on more plant and animal life, notes on goblins and their languages, short reports on goblin and orc encounters, etc.]