Jevan "Tel'daac Rhaar" Clark - 3240 AE

5e, character, dnd, lands-of-evaria, teldaac

3240 AE

Following different goblin groups has seemed to take me rather far afield. I’ve learned quite a bit of the goblin language at this point and deciphered much more of the book. There are parts that still elude me, but I am still confident that I will understand them in time. I’ve also become rather adept at finding my way through the wilds and surviving off the land.

A few nights ago, however, I nearly died. I found a new plant that looked nearly identical to ones I had eaten before without trouble. [sketches reproduced here] They were certainly not the same, though. After eating some, I became violently ill and began to, I suspect, hallucinate.

From what I remember, I was leaning against a tree, expecting that to be my final resting place, when from above me on a branch, I heard a voice. Looking up, the voice appeared to be coming from a spectral owl. The owl complained that I should not be where I was and that it could not abide my presence. I entreated the specter to make an exception, for I was sick and likely dying.

After some argument, the owl agreed that if I could prove that I was different from my king, who was no friend to nature, it would aid me. It charged me with taking care of a rock that appeared to become an egg. I am to have it in my presence at all times. The owl said that if it leaves me for a week or more, that I will certainly die.

I don’t know if the encounter was a dream or a hallucination or if it was real. But upon awakening, I felt very much better. Scratches that I had been nursing were healed. I was no longer hungry. And beside me was that rock that appeared to become an egg.

I think it is wisest at this time to believe that the encounter was real in some sense. I thank you, owl spirit, for your help. And I vow to uphold my promise to you to the best of my abilities.

[additional tally marks and notes]