Welcome and About the Blog

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Welcome to the new Hall of Kvasir. I saw an example of a blog keeping a journal for Skyrim characters on reddit and thought that was an awesome idea for trying to not just work towards becoming super-OP as I was playing. I also had an old, serious blog that I was no longer using but which was sitting around. So, I decided to re-purpose that domain for the Skyrim journals.

What you should expect are fairly regular (well, regular in terms of how often I play) journal posts from my characters and their companions summarizing some adventures they have been on. The character and following I plan on starting with is a Breton destruction/alteration mage named Naui. His follower, who will also provide some material is Natalie, a healer companion from this mod.

I may also post some Out of Character material periodically on mods I have been using, and other Skyrim related things (and perhaps even branching out into other games).

That is all for now. I should get to an actual journal post in a little while with the general back-story (Naui is level 15 already) and some details on things he has been up to.