Starting a Journal

Naui, mage, skyrim

7th of Hearthfire, 4E201

Well, this is odd. After reading all those books I’ve found lying around, you might think I’d have some idea of how to start a journal of my own. For all the work I did to find a blank book to write in that wasn’t ruined or burned or otherwise already being used, you might think I’d have planned out what I was going to say at least. Well, I may as well catch people up to speed about my adventures thus far. Not that I can remember all of them, but some highlights at least.

I awoke with a bit of amnesia some time ago, apparently camping in the woods one day. All I could smell was the burned flesh of some poor soul just down the path. Investigating his body, I found a note that said someone named Hadvar had been attacked by a bear and wounded in a cave nearby and needed whatever was recommended for healing that. I surmised that the messenger must have been quite dim-witted, and wasn’t trusted to remember what was needed.

I went up to the cave and gave Hadvar a healing potion to get him on his feet (they’re good for any occasion – note to self, be sure to pack quite a number of these in the future). He said I should join up with the Imperial Legion and sent me to a nearby town to get some extra supplies.

That was several weeks ago. I’ve stopped by Solitude to speak to some General Tullius fellow (maybe it is Tulius or something else… I’ve never been much of one for remembering names). He sent me to clear out some fort or something. I’m not sure how I feel about helping the Legion, so I may just forget about it. Not that I have anything against the Empire, but those Thalmor are some creepy elves.

I’ve gotten into so many tiny scrapes I don’t dare recount them all for fear of filling this book up with trivialities. But I will mention a few more things. Most of my time has been spent running around for the Mage’s College in Winterhold. Since I didn’t (and still don’t) remember anything before waking up camping and I had an apparent talent for magic, I figured that was a fairly safe place to go. They’ve helped my skills a lot.

As I have been running around doing errands for my instructors and fellow apprentices (and other side jobs for cash – a mage has to eat after all), there are three artifacts of particular interest that I have run across. First, I had to go fetch a ring from this fellow Calcemo in Markarth. Boy was that a lucky coincidence. Not only did I find these plans for Dwemer goggles that light up auras around living things, but they also let me see in the dark if I need to. I rarely make use of that second function, since I always have a Candlelight hovering over my shoulder, but it is reassuring to know that it is there. I’ve also recovered this ancient amulet that is quite useful. It used to belong to someone named Galudar. Putting it on makes me feel so much more powerful in just about every way. It is amazing. Finally, I’ve found a funny gadget that has provided me quite a number of new spells to play around with. The book that was sitting on top of it said that it used the power of gold and other ingredients to somehow conjure up spellbooks that I could study. I should investigate how it works exactly, but that can wait. For now, it is just nice to be able to summon a chest to drop things in when I am out on the road and not have to fiddle with lockpicks all the time (*note to self – find an elven or daedric arrow so I can open more difficult locks).

Well, that is quite enough for a first entry I think. Hopefully I’ll survive to write a second.

P.S. Someone really needs to do something about these vampire raids. They kill indiscriminately. Not that I am against them feeding, but it is quite an inconvenience for me. Everyone runs to fight them and no one is interested in buying or selling stuff. Not only that, I can’t exactly help effectively. All the guards run around trying to kill them, which makes it very hard to land a spell cleanly. And I don’t want to get the guards angry at me for hitting them with a fireball, accidental or not. Maybe I’ll look into that Dawnguard group the guards keep mentioning. Couldn’t hurt to at least see if it is real.