Jevan "Tel'daac Rhaar" Clark - 3371 AE

5e, character, dnd, lands-of-evaria, teldaac

3371 AE (Y 400 M 4 Twoerth, Friday the 28th) - Expedition 3 (24th-28th)

Even one night back in town, again, caused me some pain. I do much prefer being out on the road, in nature, as hard as it can be. I left again the day after we returned, this time without that fool with a copper pot on his head.

Hearing rumors of a flying island to the west, we headed in that direction. Sure enough, we found there was an island in the sky. Through some inventive thinking, we discovered that there was rain below the island that was not quite natural – instead of falling down, it fell up!

Trying to row our canoe in to get up to the island, we found that the upward pull was a bit stronger than anticipated. I was able to swim just fine, but others were – let us say, less capable.

On the island, we discovered that there were flying serpents, kobolds, and a green dragon. The green dragon seemed to particularly not like me, but we managed to drive it off.

Although we had agreed to leave, we ran into several kobolds, dead not by our hands. This prompted us to stay and investigate. We discovered the dragon’s lair and discovered that it was quite upset. Clues around indicated that something had been stolen from it by a being with a set of humanoid footprints.

In retrospect, I had let me inner demons get the best of me. I went along with the others, intent on killing the dragon. I am quite ashamed, since we surely could have negotiated with it with some additional effort and come to an understanding. But in the end it was killed. At least for a time.

In the dragon’s belongings, two of my companions found a dark green stone. This stone, we discovered, much to our dismay, contained a demi-lich. After some trials and tribulations, we did manage to escape, partly due to a vision that I had, seemingly connected to my rock-egg.

We hid out for a few days and then set off back for town. Along the way, we discovered a lizardwoman fighting some sort of ooze. She was nearly killed, but we managed to save her and gain a small bit of trust. Freya then appeared and was able to teleport us all back to town.