Jevan "Tel'daac Rhaar" Clark - 3362 AE

5e, character, dnd, lands-of-evaria, teldaac

3362 AE (Y 400 M [4]Twoerth, Tuesday the 19th) - Expedition 1

note: back-dated due to blindness

Having arrived in town nearly a week ago, myself and another newcomer were quickly put to work heading out on an expedition. Apparently some members of the village had been going missing along the shorelines, and a scout had spotted them to the north east.

We traveled several days in that direction, with no shortage of difficulty. Though I had missed the challenge of surviving in the wilds, one of our expedition seemed particularly incapable of avoiding obvious dangers.

For instance, when we heard children laughing quite a way away from the town, he simply charged after them, riding headlong over a rather steep cliff. The voices, we discovered, appeared to be caused by an invisible and quite mischievous entity that called himself Blue. This entity almost made me lose my egg, but it was quickly recovered.

We did end up finding some people who had likely been taken from the village but they had been drastically changed. They were spitting up exploding balls of blood and bile, and would themselves explode on death. The herbs that had been given to us as a potential cure were useless. The potion was slightly more useful, but not very much – it turned one to stone.

As we were returning to the town, an unseen assailant killed the two living creatures we were bring back with arrows that appeared to be grown rather than made. Although I don’t know how to use a bow, being able to grow such armaments naturally could provide a great boon to the sustainability of the wilderness against the resource hungers of the guild and its allies.

Additionally, we happened upon a group of, what I am told, were merfolk as we returned to town. We promised to help them against a band of apparently murderous other-merfolk.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, just a few hours outside of town, during the night, we were ambushed by some hungry panthers. I had forgotten how hard it was to avoid those kind of nocturnal predators, and a large one got the drop on me. When I awoke, the panthers had all been killed (unfortunately – they were only hungry after all), and I had apparently contracted blindness. This blindness, it turned out, was due to the shoddy alchemy of one of my companions. While I thank him for making sure I would continue living, not being able to see while traipsing through the wilderness is not exactly a fun time.

Having only spent one night in town (which is quite fine according to my tastes), we headed back out again in the morning. Despite being still blind, I was assured that the condition would wear off rather quickly.