Drakuun - Johnsonville

4e, dnd, drakuun

Having waited some time before writing, I decided it would be good to continue reflecting on my experiences recently. Events have been altering my perceptions of things, so perhaps explaining them will make my thoughts clearer. So, with this entry, I will try to relate and reflect on what has happened. Some details are lost to time, but others are burned into my mind with such ferocity that I cannot possibly forget.

After some time on the river, we spotted a flag over a copse of trees on the bank. Being the inquisitive, but cautious sort we all seem to be, it was decided that we’d put ashore out of sight and investigate on foot. The wizard and warlock went along a road through the trees. The brawler and myself went along the bank of the river.

As we neared what turned out to be a town, the two of us broke off some reeds and walked underwater the rest of the way. In retrospect, this was rather silly, and I emerged from the water at the nearest opportunity.

The town was nothing particularly special. It had the usual amenities: a market, shrines to the gods, and so on. Eventually, and overly cautiously, we approached the town’s leading family. One of the pirates we had met on the river was their son, our resident wizard had discovered, and he and the rest seemed intent on somehow getting some money out of this. I don’t entirely approve of such wanton greed, but there is something to be said for having the means to pursue one’s goals.

The Johnson’s ended up hiring us to investigate some peculiar rumors to the north. The Uru League, it was rumored, was planning on killing the gods. I wasn’t there for the conversation, as social interactions are tiresome, so I am not sure of the details at this point.

While I was poking around outside, however, I did stumble across a hidden entrance to the house’s cellar. Investigating, I discovered a peculiar cask of wine that, I determined, needs more study. It is quite large and heavy, however, so I may have to enlist the services of our wizard scholar to get it out of the cellar unnoticed.

With there being nothing else of note to do, we set off up-river towards the Uru League.